Friday, 20 January 2012

NO-rdric Walk!

I was booked onto my first activity- a Nordic Walk taking place on the stunning beach from Aberech. A walk.... that sounded quite nice and gentle to me, however I thought I should do a little research first. During this intense 'googling' session I discovered Nordic Walks require 'equipment'?! Hmmmm, that seemed slightly disconcerting, upon closer inspection the 'equipment' turns out to be slightly less intimidating, I would actually be walking with sticks or 'poles' to put it correctly....skiing on flat, snow-less land and ski free, if you will.

This new pastime was created in Finland, where the people were possibly slightly dissatisfied with the traditional method of walking! However, again my ignorance shines through as Nordic Walking seems to have many health benefits as it uses 80% of our muscles, strengthens our breathing capacity and heart function, helps us lose weight, is good for our joints etc etc.... basically it seems pretty beneficial and not an activity to be missed out on!

So, this morning I woke up bright and early, I dressed in the appropriate gear excited to start what I hoped to become a new hobby. But alas, a quick email check revealed that due to the glorious Welsh weather the walk had been cancelled! I will now have to wait a week to embark on a Nordic walk.......however in the meantime I will share a few pictures of some stunning walks I have managed to do in the area over the past few days. These did not involve any exciting activities (or poles), but sometimes you can't beat an incredible Welsh view!

Eager to set off this morning.

A view of Cricieth Castle from Morfa Bychan, nr Porthmadog where you can drive right onto the beach!

The Cove at Borth y Gest nr Porthmadog.

Porthmadog Harbour

A view of Portmeirion from across the estuary at Ynys, Harlech Nature Reserve.

The incredible Swallow falls, Betws y Coed. Due to the rough weather you could really feel the power of these falls yesterday, quite incredible!

The  beautiful countryside on the outskirts of Betws y Coed!

For more pictures of walks I have been on in the area please find Walking North Wales on facebook or follow us on Twitter! The Edge of Wales facebook group also has some incredible shots of the Llyn Peninsula!

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